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This is my homepage!!!

    Welcome everyone! As a starting I would like to introduce myself as Michele. This website was started on the 15th December 2004. I would like to say that it have been a great experience understanding how people designed their website. This very day I would successfully accomplish my dreams designing my very own website.

 Mainly, in my very own words, I would like to thank my teacher, Sir Kevin for giving me lessons in completing this website. Besides, I would like to thank my parents for giving me the chance to learn this. last but not least, I would like to thank some of my friends for giving me ideas from their website.

 I have been spending plenty of time creating and decorating this website. I have been spending a lot of time surfing the net, downloading web components and many other informations.

 So all your support from those out there viewing my website, may you give me all your support and comments so that I can improve.

 Thank you for visiting!

 So enjoy yourself!!! 


Remember! Always be happy as happiness is a cure to every sickness!