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Photo Gallery!!



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Hi, everyone! Well, as you know you are at my Photo Gallery now. Let's call it a break for all of you out there after so much of straining of eyes reading. Well! Take a look!!

Me in a duck farm!

My brother and me!

My cool parents!

My friends and I during rehearsal!

My friends and I at the end of the rehearsal!

My Red Crescent Club President!

Me having computer lessons!

The cool F4s!

F4 in action!

Vic Zhou!

Vic Zhou!

Vic Zhou!

Vic Zhou!

Ken Zhu!

Ken Zhu!

The great singers, Westlife!

Charmed! Don't get charmed!

Brian Krause

Holly Marie Combs!

Flora Chan!


So how was the journey at the photo gallery expedition!! Cool huh!!

Well, I hope you had a wonderful time!!!